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Digital Nomad 

Being a digital nomad is fantastic, In addition to being a traveler and tourist guide, I have just started my activity with Koosha Co. @amin1990s , which to date has done a lot of projects in the field of design of websites and web-based software,…

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Carbon Footprint 

I recently shared with you guys that I pledged to offset my carbon footprint when flying, and I truly am dedicated to doing my part. While traveling has become my full-time career, I fully realize that we all need to DO MORE and respect this…

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Shiraz Attractions Introduction 

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Dashtak Village 

Dashtak village is one of the county of Dorodzan of Abrooj district of Marvdasht city, geographical coordinates of 52 degrees and 28 minutes east longitude and 30 degrees and 17 minutes north latitude, is located in a mountain gorge, in the northern plains of DASHTAK….