I recently shared with you guys that I pledged to offset my carbon footprint when flying, and I truly am dedicated to doing my part. While traveling has become my full-time career, I fully realize that we all need to DO MORE and respect this planet.

My first step is reducing my overall travel, which I’ve consciously done over the past year, and there are tons of other things I’m doing to reduce my footprint whether it’s choosing to stay at eco-hotels, eating a more sustainable diet, or being mindful of the amount of trash I make when I travel.

If you want to ensure your lifestyle is more eco-friendly when you travel, I’ve compiled a guide on all the things you can start doing to be more “green”. Even if you can only do a few things on this list, every little bit helps!

Eco-travel is all about making conscious decisions while traveling. Think about it as “sustainable” travel — if you’re passionate about conservation, reducing your environmental footprint, and making better choices that will positively impact our environment, the animals, and the people in the world, then eco-travel what already you’re doing!

Here are the key actions that sum up “ecotourism”:
• Supporting local communities and business owners
• Reducing your impact on the natural environment and resources
• Avoiding actions that will negatively impact cultural practices