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We Are Team

We're a team of creators, innovators, and storytellers. We come from all different backgrounds and have a wide variety of interests but are all driven by our love for trip.

Team Celebrations

We work hard here but make sure to carve out time to celebrate our awesome team.

Space to recharge

Our office Zen Room is a quiet space for meditation, reading, stretching, a quick nap, and can be converted for breastfeeding.

Health Care Benefits

What’s the point of enjoying a nice meal if your teeth are broken and you can’t chew?

Generous Vacation

We’re not saying unlimited but… if you need an extra week to explore or find yourself, just ask.

Dope Swag

Luckily, our design team has brought the house down with swag you’ll actually want to wear. People ask if they can purchase it. You get it for free!

Office Doggies

We asked the office dogs to collaborate on writing this section. Here’s what they came up with: “Ruff, arf, yip yip!”

Employee survey

Employee Feedback Surveys: Enhance Engagement
  • I'm a dedicated team member who believes in the power of a positive work environment. I strive to lead by example, always bringing a can-do attitude to the workplace. My goal is not only to meet deadlines and exceed expectations but to inspire my colleagues to excel and collaborate effectively. I firmly believe that fostering a positive atmosphere is the key to our collective success, ensuring that each day at work is not just productive but also rewarding for all.
    Nazanin Manochehri
    Nazanin Manochehri
  • My work philosophy revolves around attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to perfection. I take pride in ensuring that every project I work on is of the highest quality. I'm a firm believer that excellence is not just a goal, but a standard that should be maintained at all times. My commitment to achieving this standard inspires my colleagues and pushes us to constantly improve, which, in turn, contributes significantly to our team's success.
    Sina Bilooee
    Sina Bilooee
  • Being a problem-solver is more than just a role for me; it's my passion. I thrive on tackling complex challenges with innovative solutions and a calm demeanor under pressure. My unique ability to find creative ways to overcome hurdles has made me a go-to resource on our team. I believe that my resourcefulness has saved us from numerous obstacles and paved the way for our collective success.
    Hamed Izadi
    Hamed Izadi
  • In a constantly changing work environment, I bring a fresh perspective and creativity to our team. I pride myself on being an innovative thinker who isn't afraid to experiment with new ideas. My enthusiasm for what I do is infectious, and I truly believe that it's the secret sauce behind our success. Each day feels like an exciting adventure, and I'm determined to keep our projects on the cutting edge
    Alireza Dehghani
    Alireza Dehghani
  • As a leader, I'm committed to fostering a nurturing, collaborative work environment where each team member is empowered to excel and contribute their best efforts. I trust in the abilities of our team, which motivates us all to be our best. The harmony and high productivity we experience are a testament to my leadership style, and I believe it's this synergy that has led to our outstanding results.
    Saeid Zare
    Saeid Zare

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